Who is Meisam?

I have studied Pharmacy as a doctor of pharmacy in university. But my passion for the tech world never left me. I started programming in visual basic in high school and since then never stopped learning, not even one day. I have programmed in many languages like python and Java script but since I started Java and Android few years ago I couldn’t focus on anything else.

During my Android journey I have created tens of android applications and it’s a year now that I’m passionate about teaching what I know to others. It’s a dream come true.

Although it’s just a few months that I started teaching, I have more than 10,000 students and most of them seems to be happy with my teachings. You can find the testimonials below this page.

I have a complete course for android app development for about 100 hours and I’m creating new courses every day. The topics that you can expect to be published soon are: Java, Kotlin, Flutter and Firebase.

Meisam Mansurzadeh