Who is Meisam?

Let’s take a look at who I am

I have studied Pharmacy as a doctor of pharmacy in university. But my passion for the tech world never left me. I started programming in visual basic in high school and since then never stopped learning, not even one day. I have programmed in many languages like python and Java script but since I started Java and Android few years ago I couldn’t focus on anything else.

During my Android journey I have created tens of android applications and it’s a year now that I’m passionate about teaching what I know to others. It’s a dream come true.

Although it’s just a few months that I started teaching, I have more than 10,000 students and most of them seems to be happy with my teachings. You can find the testimonials below this page.

I have a complete course for android app development for about 100 hours and I’m creating new courses every day. The topics that you can expect to be published soon are: Java, Kotlin, Flutter and Firebase.

New Courses

Enrolled Students

What's Included in All Courses

Few of the benefits of taking one of the meiCode's Courses

Money-Back Guarantee

All Courses have 30-day Money-Back guarantee in case if for any reason you don't like the course


All of the course materials including videos and source codes are available for offline downloading


MeiCode's courses have the best hand picked contents you can find on intenet


Discussion for all of the courses has been enabled and you can ask your questions or simply communicate with other students

Lifetime Access

By Enrolling in one course you will have full lifetime access to the course materials. This is specially good because I will keep upload new contents for some of the courses

Certification of Completion

All of the courses on meiCode.org have a certification of completion which you can get once you finished the course

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